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BOSS Club Membership

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Fabulously successful women are not built from one program, from one friend, from one action. It takes real-time, committed and supportive action.

and that's why I want to invite you to join me in this special BOSS Alumni Club community  so you can have continued access to Zoom calls, Q&A, Live workouts, and so much more.

Real talk,... these intimate chats are going to be super fun!

it's access to a support system that allows you to:

*Powerfully implement growth strategies and a new mindset, a BOSSMindset:) in your journey(with support, feedback and virtual high fives)

*Create valuable connections, partnerships and Sisterhood with other ambitious women who share the same big goals.

You will get daily access to;

  • Weekly live Zoom check-in calls (they are challenging ,yet fun!)
  • A private fb community of women who are all on the same health & fitness journey as you are
  • A weekly live workout with me!
  • A special membership discount on products and services
  • A plus you get emails FIRST when new coaching products, books, clothing, etc. release!

Plus, your monthly payments are automatic - so you never have to worry about losing access to any of the benefits or losing access to this powerful community!

Join us today!

Keep growing!

For continued access to the Boss community, register for a monthly membership. If you've completed Find Your Boss, don't stop there! Receive the support, encouragement and insight  you need on a daily basis to help you stay inspired, take action, and GROW!

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Here's what community members are saying:

"I NEVER want to leave this group! Our connections are amazing! If I ever need encouragement on this health and wellness journey, I log in and scroll. We post recipes, pics, jokes, and videos. Being a part of a community with other fabulous bosses makes working out well FUN and ENJOYABLE. So worth my monthly investment. I love these ladies...and Tyesha Roman!"

LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts, Coach, Author & Podcast Host

Mindset is everything!

"I have worked with Tyesha on my health journey and also my Mindset. Find your BOSS has definitely helped me to make some tough decisions that add value to my life. I am so impressed with her knowledge and positivity. She inspires me everyday. I am excited everyday as I witness changes in my Body, Mind and Spirit. I will not leave this group no matter what is going on in my personal life. Everyday there is something to learn. The friendships I have built in this club are amazing. I am so proud of where I am today. I love Tyesha Roman!

Francis Ortega