Meet Coach Tye

Purposely Passionate

Tyesha has been encouraging women and building relationships with women for well over a decade. With the power of her mindset, encouragement, teaching, and a passionate love for self care and transformation she has made it her life's work to coach women from insecure to confident. Tye will take you from fearful to faithful when stepping into your purpose for you and your family!

Fitness is your freedom

Fit is a feeling you will experience when you put yourself first. You are going to love and take care of yourself so much more. You will feel so happy, accomplished, confident , sexy and most importantly free. Free from a toxic mind body and soul. Tye's approach to your fitness journey is all about your transformation without feeling stressed worried or confused on what to do next.

Fit and Fabulous you

Are you ready to be Fit and Fabulous? Feel energized, healthy and happy again? I'd love to take you there. If so lets  get started.

Work With Tye