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Meet Coach Tye

Driven and Dedicated

Tyesha is a phenomenal woman, wife , mother of 2, entrepreneur, author and health coach. She has  an unstoppable drive to live a healthy life and coaches other women on how to do the same. Her deep desire for change and personal sacrifices broke all the rules and led this powerhouse to be real and raw as she empowers women to live healthy, fit lives. She helps them find the strength and courage to persevere through life's difficulties, despite past mistakes. Her pain has given her purpose and she uses it to give back to the lives of others. You are Fabulous and it's time to own it!

Fitness is your freedom

Fit is a feeling you will experience when you put yourself first. You are going to love and take care of yourself so much more. You will feel so happy, accomplished, confident , sexy and most importantly free. Free from a toxic mind body and soul. Tye's approach to your fitness journey is all about your transformation without feeling stressed worried or confused on what to do next.

Fit and Fabulous you

Are you ready to be Fit and Fabulous? Feel energized, healthy and happy again? I'd love to take you there. If so lets  get started.

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