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Find Your Boss! Fyb™

 Tyesha has created a 4 week Mindset coaching program to help women Boss up and step into their confident powerful self. These videos and workbooks will prepare you to make Boss moves with confidence and certainty. Are you ready to be happy, be in total control of your life and Live like a BOSS? 

I am so ready to show you how much you are worth and how much you can transform your life. Once you know the truth you will never look back. You are worth it!


4 Week Boss Series

Are you ready to live the Boss Life?!

Want to step up, develop your Mindset, build your Confidence and start living the Boss Life, this Mindset  coaching program, Find Your Boss #fyb ™ may be a worthwhile investment for you. Coach Tyesha has the ability to successfully coach you toward the "Boss Life" where you can experience your Fabulous you.

Coaching area are as follows:

  • Develop your Boss confidence
  • Strengthen your beliefs/Focus
  • Learn to handle any toxic environment 
  • Create Boss Visions for your life
  • Overcome Low Self-esteem / Build Self-Worth/Know your worth
  • Rebuild Your Life & Feel Alive Again 
  • Overcome your fears with our Boss Strength/Fear/Focus techniques and action plans 
  • Learn how to implement our Plan/ Recognize/Act strategy to elevate your life.

Find Your Boss: Living exactly the way you want to $149

Every week Coach Tyesha Roman will share with you how to move away from a place of fear and disbelief. This 4-week course will help you to develop Mindset to take you from self awareness to self Mastery.


Become a more Confident and Powerful you!



Everything you want to achieve starts in the Mindset. Whether your looking to start a business, Lose the weight, or build your SELF confidence, you'll need a Boss Mindset to do it. You can't change the way you feel without changing your mind.

Stop talking and dreaming about being a BOSS, Lets DO IT  #FYB