5 Day FYB Virtual Coaching

In these 5 coaching videos, Coach Tyesha Roman will help you to:

  • Learn how to respond to your environment with a new mindset
  • Recognize your toxic environment and judgment by checking your resources
  • Learn what your strengths are and use gratitude to attract your dream life
  • Clear the crap out to create space for new energy and protect your mind and body
  • Create your dream business with these simple strategies

Video 1: "Responding to your environment" will come to you via email  

Find Your Boss Virtual

Every woman has a strong woman inside of her

There's so much to manifest in your life. It's time for you to discover your true potential, overcome your fears and build the Mindset you need to transform your finances, your relationships and your Career. This 5 DAY Coaching series is going to give you the secret and the tools you need to live an abundant life. Are you READY to do this?

**This series is over 4.5 hours of video coaching content** AVAILABLE NOW

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