30 Days With Tye


If your ready to step out your comfort zone and make some much-needed changes in your life, 1:1 Fitness and nutrition coaching can be invaluable to you. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Tyesha Roman has the ability to strategically and successfully coach you through your fitness  challenges. Together, you can work to break free of the fear and limiting beliefs that are holding you back - physically and emotionally. 

Coaching areas are as follow

  • Providing clarity on your plan
  • Overcome Low Self-esteem / Build Self-Worth 
  • Conquer the Fear of transformation
  • Uncover Your areas of struggle
  • Rebuild Your Life & Feel Alive Again
  • Create a healthy Relationship with food
  • Manage your workout and meal prep time
  • Rid confusion with detailed action steps

Weekly and targeted coaching will help you navigate your way back to a physically and emotionally healthy you. The goal is for you to get stronger in your committment to live a healthier lifestyle. Do the necessary work to achieve the freedom that fitness brings you. No more struggle! 

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