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Making decisions can be one of the toughest things to do. We are constantly in search of answers. Answers about who we are, what we want in this lifetime and how we are going to get it. If you are struggling to make tough decisions you are not alone. 

Everyday we are faced with fear, limiting beliefs and adversity. The truth is once you learn how to ask yourself the right questions you will make better decisions, no matter how tough they are you will always make the decisions that serve you. 

Every morning we have to make decisions. But, over the years, I have learned to not only ask whats's best, but what's best for ME. There is a difference. I know what questions to ask myself, I know how to answer them and what three things I must have conscious knowledge of. Those are some of the things I teach in this free e-book, "The Fabulous Life"

So, join this community of truth, conscious thinking and learn how to develop your self awareness. When you join this fabulous community, you will get access to Tyesha Romans' 

e-book, The FABULOUS Life How to live happier, healthier and whole. This e-book will give you some action steps to take when making decisions feel confusing and overwhelming.

Download it today...and become a part of a community of women who are seeking truth, clarity and encouragement. Regardless of what we face, we must decide to live intentional and purposeful. Join below.

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I was tired of just being"fit" I wanted a complete makeover. I wanted to transform my life. I wanted to identify with Fabulous and not just fit. I learned that body, mindset and money are three areas every women wants to be strong in. The impact of transforming all three has made me a better woman and that's why I believe so strongly that every women needs to transform more than just her physical. Who you become is the result of what you create. So lets create a Fabulous you so you can enjoy a Fabulous life!


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When women support each other amazing things happen. I have Coached women for over a decade now and I have to say you are so much more successful when you have a clear plan and complete access to a Coach. Your confidence and self esteem rise when you know exactly what to do. I remember feeling so lost until I figured out what I really needed, which was a  plan to put into action and a women to call on when I needed her. You don't have to worry any longer, feel lost or frustrated about reaching your Body, mindset and money goals. Spend 30 days with Tye and get real results. 

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